Downloads are Up!

September 4, 2015

WordXchange reaches 15K downloads for August 2015, record breaking month!

Percentage of largest downloads by country

62% Other

This statistic show the number of cumulative app downloads from iOS and Android. We believe that over the next 6 months with introduction of our Android version that BJD can double its monthly downloads and release the Junior version WordXchange.  Recent industry data shows that entertainment apps are undergoing a strong user growth in the United States. Currently, more than 151 million U.S. smartphone users are actively using entertainment apps, with gaming apps having the largest unique audience. U.S. user engagement with entertainment apps averages 800 minutes per month, with gaming apps having the highest rate of user engagement at 602 minutes of average monthly usage duration. BJD sees a solid base and steady growth in the market.



Stealing is legal – in the engrossing and addictive world of WordXchange!

October 1, 2014 – WordXchange is the award-winning anagram game that pits you against your rivals and the clock in an all-out battle to make and then keep your words! The winner is the first player who can make and line up six words – the only problem is that no word is safe! Opponents can steal words then add or reshuffle them into words of their own!

WordXchange combines lightning fast gameplay with strategy, quick thinking and even quicker reactions – it’s a battle to the last word! Players can plan their strategy when waiting for their turn but be quick – one false move will will let their opponent in to steal their word if correct! Only real words are accepted by Wordxchange, no proper nouns, abbreviations or acronyms are accepted unless they are in the dictionary.

The game requires more finesse than simply adding an S to the end of a word but the dictionary has the final say on all disputes. Any player playing an ineligible word misses their turn. Wordxchange works best when a time limit is set to make or steal words. The standard limit is one minute but you can set longer or shorter times depending on the skill of the players involved. Players can connect with their friends through Facebook and play multiple games simultaneously if they wish!

Available to download now for free from the Apple iTunes Store – WordXchange works on any iPhone or iPad running iOS 6 or later. Get ready for the most addictive and engrossing word challenge around – and if you don’t like your words, simply steal your opponents – it’s legal in Wordxchange!

Notes to Editors
WordXchange was created by Blue Jelli Development Inc. For more information contact or visit


Blue Jelli Development Inc.


Announces today that it has changed its name from Interactive Technology to Blue Jelli Development Inc. The new name strengthens the company’s positioning as a Mobile Software Application Developer, specializing in Games, Utilities and Productivity APPS. Our new name better identifies us with our corporate mission to develop and commercialize innovative products.




Boca Raton, FloridaBlue Jelli Development Inc. is thrilled to announce the new name of the company, beginning 11/12/2014.

In addition to being a high-growth industry in the mobile APPS

The name change to Blue Jelli Development, Inc. is effective immediately; the company’s website is now available at We believe the name change fits the genera of today’s technology software developers. Our shareholders, customers and partners will benefit from Blue Jelli’s increased resources in the area of innovation and support, making it clear that we are committed to all of our products, the customers, partners and market segments. Each serves as a key rationale behind the introduction of the name Blue Jelli Development, Inc., which offers a comprehensive family of applications that enable people to benefit from them. Today we have multiple projects and programs slated for development. We want to optimize our resources and workflow, and empower our teams to collaborate and work effectively to bring the best apps to market now.