Drone Protection

It is projected that US airspace will have an estimated 30,000 drones flying above. With advocates questioning the security and privacy of its citizens we pose the question how do you protect yourself from unwanted drones invading your airspace? The current climate is debating what is invasive and what are the limits of privacy when it comes to the airspace above our homes our place of work and even our ability to move around as we do in public areas. The protection of personal liberty is going to be a large portion of the drone concept. Currently there are several types of protection measures that one can purchase most however are only available to the military. There are two main types of counter measures used offensive and defensive. With Radar the user can get early warning that a drone is close to invading your airspace. Defensively there are types of drones designed to take down with different guns that physically eliminate the drone from operating. All these measures are very costly and not available to the public, so how does one remove invasive drones? We will examine this very topic in our next blog.